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Saturday, June 13, 2009

A dry day

We finally had a couple of dry days and the temps are nice and cool would be nice if summer were like this and not hot.
My lilies are finally blooming.
Friday night we went down to Ex. Sprs Art Crawl. They had a 3 piece band playing some interesting photography and art. There's not a lot, only 4 shops hosting a couple of artists.
Did have a nice visit with the husband of one of the shop owners, turns out he was one of the regular golfers at the courses I used to work at.
I can't forget there was wine tasting too, MO wines. We now have a winery outside of Ex. Sprgs.
Ken and I should go visit it sometime soon, the wine was good that I tasted. They bought the grapes for this vintage but will be using their own grapes within the next couple of years.
It takes four years before the grapevines produce but the vines will live for 30 plus years.
We just worked today, Ken cleaned the bugs off the RV and I cleaned out the guest room.
I forgot, I went to a couple of garage sales this morning, I go to the ones I can walk to.
I bought 5 pairs of pants, nice looking for $5, so I'm set for awhile.

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