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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rain and more rain

It looks like it will be a wet week around here. This photo was an e-mail, it's of one of the main streets in Westport part of KC. Doesn't it look fun???
So not much happening around here, Ken did take advantage of the dry spell this afternoon and got the lawn mowed. He moved the flat screem TV in to the RV, I think he'll miss watching it in the house.
We are making plans to go to the Penniman Reunion, we have my mother flying in so she can visit with them. The reunion is in Agency, IA in July. So we have something to look forward too.
Ken has gone through 4 qts of grape jelly, besides the Orioles enjoying it the Catbirds, Robins and Grackles are feasting on it too.
I would like to say Hello to Ramona and Eva, hope you enjoy my blog.

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