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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Some rain a train some museums

The last couple of nights we've had some nice rain and it threaten to rain Weds off and on and today it did rain most of the day. We didn't stay in we head out anyway Weds we headed north to Felton and Santa Cruz and guess what is in Felton a steam train. Roaring Camp Railroad has been in oporation for years and is in Henry Cowell Redwoods SP. We didn't ride this train just took photos and then walked the trail in the park.
Then back to Santa Cruz we stopped at the mission park but the old mission was destroyed in a earthquake and today's mission is a half size replica. We had to stop at the visitor's center to get a map so we could find our way around, then we headed to the boardwalk where there's an amusement park and casino so we didn't stop kept driving along the beach road. We stop at the lighthouse which is a surfing museum and we watch as a few surfers wait for a wave. Next we stop at Natural Bridge SP, we already paid for one SP so it is good for any we stop at in that day, nice.
To our surprise this SP has a monarch preserve and some monarchs have arrived to spend the winter among the eucalyptus trees. There are several groves along the coast here where the monarchs will spend the winter, so we don't have to go to Mexico to see them. The numbers of Monarchs wintering here are much smaller but they are just the west coast butterflies.
Today we decided it was a good day to visit a museum and I'm a Steinbeck fan so I was really interested in seeing his Center in Salinas.
Next stop since the sun had come out was the San Jaun Bautista Mission in the town of the same name (our RV park's address is San Juan Bautista.) It's a beautiful mission and it was used in the movie Vertigo.
The weather is supposed to improve this weekend, that would be nice.

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