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Saturday, October 29, 2011

More from Death Valley

Wed. was a very windy day but we visited Ash Meadows Wildlife Refuge then took a drive over to Pahrump, NV.
Thursday turned out to be a beautiful day to head back into Death Valley our largest National Park in the lower 48.
We drive and drive to see all the different features found in the park, average per day is 150 miles, just into and around the park.
Friday Ken decides he would like to hit a couple of back roads which call for a higher clearance vehicle. Friday is our last day in Death Valley.
Saturday we join in the fun at Beatty Days, a really fun time put together by a town of 1000 people.
Tomorrow we head south again.

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Q said...

You are really having a grand time....
I love the photograph on your side bar of the Monarchs roosting....