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Sunday, October 2, 2011

First cloudy days..

We've had our first really cloudy days the last couple of days since we left MO but we risked getting a little wet and took the tour of Shasta Dam. We took the first tour of the day and were the only ones on it so it was really nice, very interesting.
The Redding Turtle Bay Exploration Park had a free family day so we took advantage of it later that morning, it was well attended by families too. We had fun in the Loorikeet aviary and watching the Wildlife show then took a walk across the Sundial Bridge to the gardens.
It was partly sunny today so we went birding, saw a few nice birds but it was hard to get photos because as soon as we spotted a bird a bicyclist would come by and scare it down.
The trail systems in CA are wonderful and there seems to be alot of people who take advantage of them. There are just miles and miles of trails along the rivers, the bridge in my photo collage is one the first of it's kind in the US a green bridge that doesn't disturb the river bank.
We went downtown Redding, Ken wanted a look at their old Theatre but it was in use and we couldn't go in. In fact, we went down twice they had a church service in it the morning and a movie in the afternoon. Across the street was the Damburger shop but it was closed on Sundays so we didn't get to try their burgers instead ended up at In and Out, which is always packed.
We ended our day early, we are watching Turner Classic TV the silent movie the General and deciding what are next move will be tomorrow.
So you'll have to stop by and see where we end up.

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