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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our Progress

Did everyone have a nice Father's Day?
Ken put down the stick em down tile in the entry Father's Day and a couple of days later grouted it. It looks really nice!
Our weather has been really nice too, perfect high 70's or low 80's but that will change next week when summer returns. It's been nice to have the windows and door open for the fresh air when we clean up the floor with bleach and put down the Kilz.
Ken has started to put the flooring down in the hall. It has taken alot of prep work, planing down the floor seams to make them level and cutting the door trims so the floor panels will fit under.
We also painted with Kilz to eliminate the cat odor than put down the red under pad. I think Ken started with the hardest area in the house with all the doors and closets even though it is small. He should finish the hall today.

Ken got me some bigger memory for my laptop and now my computer works much faster and is more enjoyable to use.
The back neighbor forgot to let in one their dogs, it's an old poodle and isn't used to staying out so it has been crying since 6:30 this morning. I put some water over the fence for it the poor thing and gave it some cat food.
Til next post, have a good one.

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