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Friday, June 3, 2011

Feels like summer

We have gone from chasing birds to chasing steam engines, Monday we caught up with the 844 as it was heading to Lexington. We may chase it again when it heads back this way next week.
It feels like summer with todays temperature around 91 and with high humidity. We got an early start today and visited Overland Park Arboretum.
It has planned gardens and wild woods to walk through, it is really a nice place.
The woods would be a great place to visit in the spring for the bird migration as the Wolf Creek flows through it.
The birds are hard to spot now so we have changed back to our original interest of butterflies and flowers.
We added damsel and dragonflies to our list too, they are so strikingly beautiful no wonder this one is called a jewelwing.
Here's a common silver spotted skipper enjoying what is left of this flower.
We haven't given up on birds, in fact we are going on a little road trip Sunday to see Prairie chickens, hopefully.
The walls are painted now we just need the trim around the door.
Til next time, enjoy the little things.

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