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Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Little Culture

Wednesday was a beautiful day to get out and enjoy some of the great sites of Kansas City. It's time for Shakespeare in the Park and we enjoy doing that especially when we have beautiful evening.
That is what so nice living in a small town but one close enough to enjoy the offerings of a big city. We packed up a couple of drinks, cheese, grapes and chocolates and our lawn chairs to enjoy Macbeth. It is fun to see what other people drag out to the park, not just lawn chairs but blanket to set them on, a small table and coolers of food and drink it is really a great big picnic.
Ken has started on the floor, taking up some carpet and treating the floor boards to get rid of the cat urine. He ran into another little snag so he is fixing that.
We've been enjoying our jelly feeder activity, we have a catbird, a pair of Baltimore Orioles, a Robin and occasionally a Red bellied Woodpecker coming to the feeder. The Robin was guarding it for a while but he seems to given up on it now.
That's about it for us.
Until my next post, enjoy your week.

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