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Saturday, April 9, 2011

SPI migration anticipation

Monday night we had a cool front past thru which could mean a warbler fall out on the island, so Tuesday we head on over.

There weren't many warblers in fact the birds seen had been spotted there for several days already. There were more photographers then birds but we did get some good shots of the Blue wing Warbler, Sandwich Terns, American golden Plover and Least Tern which are all new birds we can add to our list for this year.

There is another cool front this Monday so we will go back to see if there are any new warblers taking a rest on the island.

Tuesday was a beautiful day for a little fishing!! A great day for sunbathing!! And everyday is a good day to do a little people watching!
We are still doing the Hawk Watch, it's getting a little warm the last three days have been in the high 90's. The hawks are waiting til past noon to pass over us and they are way up high and hard to see.

Our RV park is almost empty now, there may be 15 of us left and it's very quiet unless the mockingbirds and owls start conversing early in the mornings.

More next week, have a good one.

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