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Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter

Wishing you all a happy Easter!!

We may be on the road then, not sure yet, Ken may not feel like driving in the wind predicted but it has been windy most every day here.

Up early this morning cleaning up a cat mess, we may have another sick cat not sure.

We have been seeing a couple of bird migrants over at the island besides all the Mexicans who visit the island during holy week. We have even spotted a couple of new birds to add to our list such as the Western Tanager, Least Bittern (not a migrant) and Blackpole Warbler.

As you see we have had a good winter birding and my life list is up to 385 species with a Texas list for this winter of 225 and counting.

We had another first this week, we saw our first Coral snake at Ramsey park. It is poisonous but not an aggressive snake.

Enjoy the Easter holiday, til next time have a good one.

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