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Friday, April 15, 2011

Some numbers

The Hawk Watch for Santa Ana is done for another year, we had a good time doing it and made some very good friends as well.The rapture numbers were down this year,

We had a over 18,000 Broadwing Hawks, 850 Swainson Hawks, 2000 Mississippi Kites and 2900 Turkey Vultures. These are the main raptures which migrate thru the valley.

Our biggest day was March 27 with over 7,000 birds.

I totaled up the number of species we saw in Ramsey this season, so far it is 64.

We saw our first Worm-eating Warbler there this week!! We saw both of these birds on the island this week, our first Painted Bunting and Varied Bunting.
We are going back to the island this weekend to see if any more migrates have stopped there.

I let you know if we see any!!

Til then, have a good one.

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