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Sunday, January 23, 2011

A note from RGV

We had a nice week, the weather was pretty nice so we did a little birding.
Our visit to SPI was productive with these two Oyster Catchers, they were sitting with the Skimmers and gulls and we spotted the purple gallinule again. My photo isn't very good as they were pretty far away, I'm beginning to feel the need to upgrade from my point and shoot camera. We went birding at the reopened Sabal Palms Sanctuary, it is located on the south side of the border fence down by Brownsville. It had been closed for 18 months, and now reopened by the STU.
We didn't see anything new, we watched flocks of Snow Geese pass over the Rio Grande and spotted the usual forest birds. We did enjoy our walk through sanctuary.

We both got haircuts this week, can you believe it cost only $13 for the both of us.
Another deal we found was a bag of 8 TX oranges for 98 cents, at that price we can feed the birds oranges but there is no deal in gas prices at $2.95 this week.
I tried my first dish made with mole sauce, it was over chicken pieces and I found it very tasty hard to describe but very good.
The roads had dried up some so we decided to look for the Mountain Plovers which can be found in the same fields every winter. They are very hard to spot as they feed in the farrows of the fields but we found them as well as Horned Larks and Pipits.

This is the county road where the Plovers are found, we weren't the only birders looking for them Sat. This group came to the valley for a week from W. Virginia just to bird the area.
And yes that is a TX county road, not a farmers driveway!
Dicho Mexicano de la Semana
A lo que no importa, lengua corta
Translation: To what is not your business, keep a short tongue.
Our RV park has a trip to an Aloe farm this week, that should be interesting.
Til next time... have a good week.


Q said...

I have so enjoyed catching up with you this evening. Texas in January is the best! So many great birds. I wish I was birding with you!
One of my favorite vacations was to Texas. We stayed at the Chacha-laka Inn and ate peeled freshly picked ruby red grapefruit every morning....lots of wonderful birds and butterflies....wonderful vacation. It is cold and snow lays on the ground here in K.C.. I am dreaming of Texas.

Kay said...

I like the photo of Sabal Palms Sanctuary. We haven't been there since they reopened.
I keep wishing I'd see something interesting in the field across the road but so far no pipits or plovers, just ospreys and lark sparrows. We do have an Anna's hummingbird this week feeding on the shrimp plant in the back yard.
Your cat picture is just the cutest!