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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Birding Trifecta

We've had a good first week of 2011, the RV park is filling up. I used to look down this road from us and see only one or two RVs.We had a couple of foggy mornings, but in most part we've had some nice weather this week and very little wind so it makes for good birding.
Today we headed out early to find the Vented Oriole, this is the 5th recorded visit of these orioles in Texas. It was an easy find although it was in a gated RV park, it was nice of them to let the birders in to see this bird.
After a a bite for lunch we decided to see if we could find the Greater PeeWee in the cemetery in McAllen, this is our 3rd try to find this bird and we got lucky today.
Since we were having so much luck in finding the birds we decided to try for the White throated Thrush again and again we got lucky. We were walking out of the park where it has been seen to head home and some birders motion to us that they have it spotted.
As I have mentioned before birders are usually very helpful and friendly.
So here are my photos of our trifecta , Ken of course has much better pics.
So we have 3 new birds to add to our life list and they are seldom seen birds in Texas.

White-throated Thrush

Vented Oriole on Coral Bean flower.

Greater PeeWee

Here is a collage of some of the other birds we watched this week.
click to enlarge.

We had a birthday dinner the beginning of the week, one of our friends invited us to join them at Texas Roadhouse for her celebration.
This next coming week we may have a little taste of winter, it's not to last long though. Tonight we may get some rain which is badly needed here.

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