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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Chilly and wet week

This week was a bit chilly and now the weekend is wet, the wet is needed. We had a Audubon field trip today, didn't see many birds but did see a new area to visit on our own some day and a new restaurant the Boot Co Grill, in Raymondville, it used to be a boot factory and made boots for some famous people including Harry Truman and Ronald Reagan. Thursday evening was the Audubon meeting and the program was given by John Bas a nature and bird filmmaker whose films have been shown around the world. We bought a couple of his DVD's, haven't watched them yet.
To keep busy on the chilly and wet days I do a little knitting.


and reading.
Dicho Mexicano de la Semana
"Cada quien cuide su rancho"
translation: Everybody take care of your own business.
The RV park is almost full, we got neighbors all the way down our little road.
We've seen the Yellow throated Warbler at our feeder a couple of times this week, it's been too quick for me to get a photo. We have a nice assortment of birds to watch out our window on these dreary days. We are lucky enough to have a corner spot which gives us a nice open area to look out on and draw the birds in to our feeders.
More next week.

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Kay said...

That drawing of all the birds is fantastic!