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Monday, December 6, 2010

Some butterflies

We have been seeing some butterflies but just not very many. We visited NABA International Butterfly Park last week looking for the allusive Rufus back Robin. We didn't see the robin but I did get to see the Malachite butterfly, a Band-celled Sister and a Red Rim butterflies. The other butterflies in the collage below were found in Ramsey. I finally learned to spot the difference between the Queen and the Soldier butterfly, it's only a smudge and a few dots.This is only a few of the little butterflies, there are so many skippers, crescents, and small butterflies that look so similiar to each other that I haven't learned to ID them. I like the larger butterflies, so much easier to photograph.
Also, at NABA we got to witness a Ruby crown Kinglet display his ruby crown in an agressive behavior to another kinglet, you don't normally see his ruby crown.
We have a cool front going through, teasing us with chances of rain which is badly needed.
I finished our Christmas cards, we'll get them in the mail this week. I'll be done with all things Christmas now, we don't decorate or bake and Ken is doing is shopping on line this year.
This week's Mexican saying:
Recuerda cuando yayas a la cama:
Dejale las cosas a Dios. El va a estar despierto toda la noche.
Translation: When you go to bed, remember to leave everything to God.
He is awake all night.

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Kay said...

Good photos! I am trying to learn butterflies--and to photograph them, but they won't sit still!