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Monday, November 29, 2010

Some birds around SPI

We had a nice Thanksgiving meal with the park, the owners were down to visit with everyone.
It has been really windy the last few days, with cool fronts coming and going.
Sunday was a pretty nice day so we decided to see if we could find bittern and purple gallinule over at South Padre Island. We didn't find them but we saw alot of birds....here's a few.The Wood Stork we had found last week and a good thing we went then as we didn't see them on this visit, so we guess they went further south when we had that north wind Friday.
We haven't been doing much, pegs and jokers last night, feeding the birds and watering some plants at Ramsey.
I didn't pick up my paper with the Mexican saying, so maybe two next week.
With the Thanksgiving holiday over we have noticed more people moving in to our park, I hear it's full this winter.
Hope everyone had a great holiday!

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