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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas week

We hope everyone had a great Christmas, we enjoyed a wonderful Christmas dinner with turkey, ham and lots of side dishes that everyone brought. Tonight we are getting together again to eat the leftovers, and I believe they plan on doing a little karaoke. We won't stay for the karaoke, we need to get up early to do another Christmas bird count in Reseca de la Palma State Park near Brownsville. The past week we had been watching several cane fields as they were being harvested to see what birds the harvest attracted. We knew Crested Caracara's, Turkey Vultures and Hawks would show but hadn't expected the Curlews and Cattle Egrets and great-tailed grackles. Ken was trying to get some good photos of the white-tailed hawk. I guess he did, I haven't seen them yet.
This weeks Mexican saying:
"Nada es bastante para quien bastante no es suficiente"
translation: Nothing is enough to the man for who enough is too little.

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