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Saturday, November 6, 2010

A quiet week

It's been a quiet week here in Hummingbird Cove. A few more friends have arrived.

We've had a few more birds at our feeder, even one hummingbird.

The road we take into town has been busy with big semi's taking sugar cane out of the fields to the factory.Ken is back feeding the birds at Ramsey park and making his peanut butter mixture.

He has been a little under the weather with sinus or ??, I came down with it yesterday. We seem to get it every time we come down, must be the dust in the wind.

We are looking forward to next week as we will be busy attending the Birding Festival . We are taking some tours, Ken is taking a photography class and we will be helping out Sat. at Ramsey park.

There has been a big shoot out between drug cartels and Mexican police in Matamoros, Mexico which is across the river from Brownsville. I hope it stays on the Mexican side.
Our Internet connection hasn't been working very well, sometimes you connect or are connected then you're not. I hope it gets better not worse when more people are here trying to use it.
I didn't pick a paper for the Mexican saying for this week.
Til next time.... take care and enjoy your week.

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