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Monday, October 25, 2010

Settling in

We are getting settled in, we put out our chairs, decorator flag, sewer hose, washed down the RV and rearranged stuff around to be comfortable. I took a break this morning from cleaning etc and the great tailed grackles were all lined up outside our RV. Hmmm maybe they were going to welcome us in their way after Ken just finished washing the RV.
We were up early Sat. morning to watch bird banding just down the road from us. Angela is an intern from Laguna Atascosa NLR, Scott is the wildlife agent at the refuge we were at and Mark is the licensed bird bander. He is holding a Wood Thrush here.

This is a Hooded Warbler he banded, they captured 10 birds in their nets Sat. morning, others banded were an orange crown warbler, 2 commom yellow throats, long-billed thrasher and 4 lincoln sparrows.

Ken is waiting for the wind to die down before he puts up our bird feeders, that wait could be a long wait.

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