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Saturday, October 23, 2010

First Day Back

We had a day of sand castles, sun and wind.
The day started out early with the welcome call of the resident owls, then breakfast at Ken's favorite place McDonald's in Harlingen. Then off to the visitor center to pick up the local Winter Texan and SPI papers to see what was happening. It turns out this weekend is the SPI's 23 Annual Sand Castle Days. So after getting the car a hand wash at one of the car washes, off to South Padre Island. Click on the above photo to enlarge and see the great work of a few of the 23 master castle makers. They come from around the world, one from Holland, two from Canada and rest from US including St. Louis.
There were amateur builders too, individuals and family categories.

There was also a trash from the beach sculpture contest, here is one of the 8.
There was a nice crowd there, and we could vote on our favorite and of course cash prizes will be awarded.
We ran into a couple we knew from last years hawk watch, they are now volunteers at Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge but most of it is closed because it is still flooded, Bentsen Palms State Park is the same only the visitor center open. In July, this area was hit by flooding from the hurricane Alex and then tropical storm Hermine so the Rio Grande River is still over it's banks.
We visited the birding boardwalk at SPI, it is now all open free to the public after a big local uprise when the new birding center closed it and were making everyone go through their doors with a modest fee.
The egrets are there, a curlew, yellow legs, sandpipers, one moorhen, one blue wing teal, dowagers, brown pelicans, ospreys, gulls, skimmers and terns. We have to do a little reviewing on shorebirds. On the way over we saw lots of scissortail flycatchers, great tail grackles, doves, kestrel, kingfisher and mockingbirds. The scissortails won't be staying around here as they are on their way further south.
A Mexican saying is always in the LaFeria News and if I remember to pick one up I will share it will you, here is this weeks.
"Entre menos burros, mas elotes."
Translation: The fewer the donkeys, the more the corn.