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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Green Eye Monster

I was just looking out the back door and spotted this
green eyed monster. Cooolll!!!! Isn't he!
It was a rainy day so I spent most of it playing on the computer,
scanning Ken's funnies that he's collected and putting together collages for a scrapbook on the reunion,
I have 5 pages done,
the Walgreen book has 12 so I have a few more to do.

A good laugh is sunshine in a house. Thackeray

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Kim said...

Hi Julie!

Happened to find your blog by accident the other day. I can't remember what I had "googled" but it directed me to your blog about the reunion. I've looked through some of the site and you have some awesome photos! You should have talked to my Dad and his brother, Jack about birds. They both enjoy bird-watching and have created some nice areas around their homes to attract them. I saw some new-to-me old photos in this collage that I wanted to ask about. Most of them are on the right side of the page. Can you give me any details? If you get a chance maybe you can upload them to the family site. Hope you are doing well!