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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


This is the last photo I took at Quiviria NWR Monday morning, we got up at dawn to find the spot where the sandhills cranes spend the night and watch them take off for their feeding spots for the day. It is a sight to watch and listen to as they all take off almost at once and with them hundreds of geese. Worth getting up for!!! We then drove home in the wind, which is not fun in our big rig. We spent Monday nite in Ex. Spgs WalMart, then moved home the next morning and had our water turned back on for our short stay. So I have caught up on the laundary and have enjoyed a couple of long hot showers.
I can't believe this weather, rain, cool and blizzard warnings for western Kansas. I hope we have an Indian summer while we make the trip to IN to have our slide fixed.
Time to go thro pictures and pick out a few to take to WalMart to print.
Should be on our way to IN this weekend, Ken is taking the RV in for an oil change and a recall on the power steering filter ??? here Fri.

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Q said...

Dear Jules,
I made a note to visit Quivira NWR.
I have never seen the Sandhill Cranes.
How fantastic.
Sounds as if you are having fun.
Stay warm!