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Friday, April 19, 2013

Space Coast visit

 Here's some of my photos of our stay in Titusville, or the Space Coast area.
We enjoyed Merritt National Wildlife Refuge so much we did the drive 3 times, saw some manatees there, and the Florida Scrub Jay.
We didn't go to the Kennedy Space Center, it was too expensive but we visited the Space Museum and Park in Titusville. 
They have the astronauts hand prints in bronze, rather
nice addition to the Park.
 We went over to Port Canaveral and we watched the dolphins and saw a couple of green sea turtles.

 This mystery bird was taken at Merritt NWR, it's a morph of some kind.
 The sea turtle.
 We visited the Canaveral National Seashore.
 We went to Viera to the marsh there and walked around the first pond, this Great Blue Heron has a couple of chicks.
We had a nice look at this Limpkin.
We also visited the very first National Wildlife Refuge, Pelican Island, the pelicans were on the side away from us so I didn't take a picture.
We are now spending a few days in St. Augustine.

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