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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Key West

 We drove down to visit Key West and spent one night there at a Best Western in the old town so we would have some time to take in a few of the sights.
This dog  is a money maker for his owner, he gets a dollar if you want to take it's photo and who can resist.  Maybe if I dressed up Tigger and sat at a corner I could make a dollar or two ha ha.
 The cats are the big draw at the Hemingway House, not really but one wonders.  Hemingway lived here for 10 years and wrote many of his novels here, only one based on Key West, To Have or Have Not.
 Key West has a butterfly house and of course we had to go there to try and get some beautiful photos of exotic butterflies, they had  exotic birds too.
 Picture of the lighthouse that I took through the fence, didn't have time to tour it besides we've seen several lighthouses.
 One of Key West's roaming chickens, there were chicks running about too.
 One of the 45 Hemingway cats, not all have the famous six toes.
When Hemingway lived there he had up to 75 cats, the six toes are lucky cats.
 Here we are at the Southernmost point marker.
We had a really good time, didn't have time to take in everything. Trolley ride was really informative and fun, we toured the Mel Fisher Museum of the treasures he collected from shipwrecks and we even bought a piece of old silver he brought up from the ocean deep.

These photos are from our trip to the Fairchild Botanical Garden in S. Miami.
 One of the Chuly glass sculptures.
 You see a couple of umbrellas up as we had rain and parts of Miami received 4 inches in that hour of rain.
One of the ponds at the garden, there was a butterfly house  too where we enjoyed getting a few photos before the downfall, the house is enclosed only with mesh.
We have moved north  to Titusville, to explore this area and see the space center.

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