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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

N. Ft. Myers Eaglets

 Our first view of a baby, Jan. 15th.
The eaglets hatched Jan. 1st and 3rd and were named Honor and Hope.
 The proud parents, Ozzie and Harriet.
 Eaglet and parent on Jan. 28th.
 Finally see both eaglets.
 Some of the eagle watchers.
 Eaglets on Feb. 4th.
 Wow, have they've grown, it's only Feb. 22.
 Taken around Feb. 25th.
 By March they are as large as their parents.
 They are learning to feed themselves but mom likes to help them out.
 A few eagles fans.
 An eaglet takes it's first flight March 25, but we missed it this is the next day's flight.
It is fun to see how they slowly learn to fly about going from tree to tree and sometimes landings are missed and they end up on the ground then struggle to get back up in the air.  They should have down in a couple more days.
Then  they will be learning to find their own food and they may follow their parents north for the summer.
Some fun facts on eagles:
There are only two states with a larger population of eagles than Florida, and they are Alaska and Minnesota.
Eagles can lift 4 lbs.
An eagles nest can have 4,000 pounds of  nesting material.
The N. Ft. Myers eagle cam has had more than 15 million views from more than 200 countries.

We have had fun watching these eagles, taking photos of them and meeting some of the people who come by to see the eagles.  We will miss them and we will all be heading north sometime in April.

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