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Monday, March 18, 2013

A bit of Naples

Taken from parking lot at Clam Pass Beach
 This past week week we have been visiting the birding spots around Naples, which is just down the road from Ft. Myers about a  20 min drive.
Beach at Naples Pier

Naples Pier is considered one of the oldest piers in the states, it has been repaired three
times after hurricanes hit it.
Naples Pier
Eagle Lake Park
 We found that Eagle Lake Park the best place to see birds in Naples, there are 2 State Parks and a Preserve but we found very few birds at those.  
At Eagle Lake Park we did see two juvenile eagles, an osprey family, a spoonbill, storks, American Pelicans,
white and glossy ibis, and all the herons.
Clam Pass beach
 We met a birder at Eagle Park and he said he liked Clam Pass beach especially for Black Skimmers.
Resting Black Skimmers

Skimmers disturbed.
This is what uninformed people do, walk through the resting birds, not the thing to do and the sad thing was the birds returned to rest and they walked through them again til most of the birds left.
This is why we like to hit the beaches early before the sun bathers arrive it is the only way we can see any birds and get photographs.

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