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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve

 This is one of our favorite spots to visit, we walk the 1.2 miles of boardwalk once or twice a week and we  usually get some good photographs.
The Slough is close by too, 15 minute drive from our RV park, and it's just up the road from the ball park where the MN Twins practice and play in the winter.

 Today on our walk there were two juvenile Night Herons to be caught by our cameras.

 One of young alligators that can be found in one of four ponds there seems to be five of them.
 White Ibis and Great Egrets are usually found fishing among the Cypress Trees knees.
 In Nov. the Cypress Trees wore colorful feathery leaves which have all dropped off now.
 After a good rain the Resurrection Ferns turn green, here some are green and many brown fronds so there wasn't
a very good rain.  The slough has abundance of plants ferns, bromeliads, Sabal Palms, Oaks,Slash Pines and many water  plants.
 We  aren't bothered with biting insects the mosquito larvae are feed upon tiny fish called Gambusia.
We have found a couple of these Eastern Lubber Grasshoppers and on our first visit
we saw couple snakes.

This Big Al the 15 yr old alligator everyone comes to see.
On average we will see 5 species of warblers, a couple of woodpeckers, anhingas, cormorants  Gt. Blue Herons, and there is always nice surprise bird like today the juvenile night Herons, last week a Wood Stork and a couple of weeks ago a Roseate Spoonbill.

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