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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bunche Beach

This week I thought I'd share another favorite birding spot, Bunche Beach.  It's great when the tide is low and  the birds are feeding.  You'll find several photographers and birders there in the early morning during low tides to watch the birds.
The bridge behind takes you to Sanibel Island.

 This Reddish Egret has a mullet.
 This Sanderling found a worm.
 We believe this pile of mud is made by the worms.
 Black Skimmers resting on a sand bar.
 A little stream flowing into the gulf  at Bunche Beach.
 Bubbles made by this King's Crown, you can see the little guy's nose.
 Early morning at Bunche Beach a birder's scope is waiting for action.
 This jelly bubble is made by a worm to protect itself from the birds.
 Just a few bird tracks.
King's Crown Conchs burying themselves to wait for the in coming tide.
I'm looking forward to the next low tide to visit Bunche again.

January is gone and we counted 112 species of birds for the month, not a bad start for the year. 

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