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Sunday, January 1, 2012


Looking back on 2011, we had a great year birding, a great year of travel and visiting family.
We added 60 new birds to our life list, we saw about 333 species of birds in 2011.
We have seen 84 species around Mesa, AZ since Thanksgiving.

We've enjoyed beautiful sunrises, sunsets and moon eclipses.
We checked off some National Parks from our bucket list.

We lost Boo but are still traveling with 3 cats.
We enjoyed being able to spend the holidays with my mother.
On to the new Year 2012, another year of birding and travel.
Let's all have a great 2012!!

"One of the wonderful aspects of birding is that it is endless. There's always some new place to go, some exciting new thing to find."
Olivia Snetsinger

(It's not just birding. it could be travel or just enjoying life.)

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