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Saturday, July 16, 2011

CAF Airshow

We've been at the CAF Airshow at the Olathe New Century Airfield, Friday went to watch the B-29 fly and back today for the official show. Friday was nice as there was no crowd only a few interested photographers and the people taking the ride in the plane.
(of course I'm bird watching too)
(a few of my photos)
This is the show I rode in a WW 11 trainer plane a couple of years ago, Ken was going to go for a ride but didn't want to hang around the 2 hours or so for his turn so maybe next year.
Rides costs begin at $80 and go up to$1495. that's for the B-29.
After getting to the airfield early and getting more photos of FIFI, it was getting a little uncomfortable so we decided to leave before noon.
A week ago on my morning walk I enjoyed watching a small flock of goldfinches feast on some wildflowers that had gone to seed, the next morning they were all mowed down and the finches gone. I was so disappointed!!
Ken is about done with his home improvement project, has only to put a second coat of paint on the front door and he's done. The living room really looks nice. So glad we decided to pull out the old carpet.

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