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Friday, May 20, 2011

Spring house work

We been working hard this week, Ken is doing some drywall repair in the living room and I have been doing spring cleaning. I've done the basement, garage and my art room so far.
It's been a cool drizzling week so I decided to bring in my Iris, especially the ones that smell like grape soda that way I can enjoy them.
We have taken some time to do a little birding between rain drops and cleaning.
We spotted a mother Louisiana Waterthrush feeding her babies at East Valley Park. We also spotted two Summer Tanagers in the park.
I finished reading this book about Phoebe Snetsinger who became obsessed with birdwatching in the 70's and at her death in 1999 she had a bird life list of 8,368. She spent most of each year traveling the world looking for birds, there are about 9700 birds in the world so she came close to seeing them all.
Well I don't think I'll get that obsessed with birding but I like her quote " One of the wonderful aspects of birding is that it is endless. There's always some new place to go, some exciting new thing to find."
Til next week, have a good one.

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