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Friday, May 6, 2011

Enjoying Spring

It's been a beautiful week, one day of spring rain.

I've been doing a little straightening up of the house, RV and cleaned up the flower gardens. We go to East Valley Park almost everyday to do a little bird watching.
So far we have a count of 40 bird species for East Valley, we have seen a Black throated Warbler, Yellow Warbler, Wilson Warbler and a couple of different flycatchers and yes this Rose-breasted Grosbeak and a Summer Tanager.

We had a good birding day last Saturday with the Backyard Bird shop group at Squaw Creek NWR. We had a count of 82 species with five new species to us. It's a great place to visit, right now the shore birds are stopping for a rest on their migration north as well as several warblers.

The resident birds are busy building nests and some like the Barred Owl have babies already.

There was a report of a rare duck but our group didn't spot it.

We'd like to wish all the Mother's a great Mother's Day.

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Kay said...

Hi, Julie and Ken--
We missed you at the ACAS meeting this week.
Spring in Missouri is so nice-- I bet you are glad to be home. Love the pictures of East Park.
We had a super fallout about 10 days ago--19 warblers in the yard, not to mention all the buntings, grosbeaks, tanagers, and orioles. They are all gone now--probably in Missouri by now.