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Monday, March 22, 2010

Update on watch

Another day at Santa Ana's hawk watch, believe we've missed only one day in the week that it's been going on.
The last two mornings started out cool, in fact Sunday morning it was down to 38 so we waited for the morning to warm up some before we went, the birds don't fly until the air is warm enough for some thermals. (We stopped to pick up the cherry pies at McD's.)Marg is showing a passing visitor the chart of raptors we are watching for.

About 20 mins before our 1 o'clock stopping time, we spotted 2 huge kettles of turkey vultures and Swainson hawks, everyone is trying to count them.
They looked like a tornado of birds coming at us out in the distant sky.
I believe we ended up with nearly a 1000 birds in that 20 plus mins.
We decided to stop at Estero Llano SP on the way home to see if we could see the King Rail that is there. We didn't see it but we ran into several of the birders from the hawk watch there looking for the same bird.

They knew about the hummingbird nest and took us over to see it thru their spotting scope.

We have a new neighbor, a Mexican 10 stripe squirrel.
Many of our human neighbors have left for home.

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