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Friday, March 5, 2010

Here and there

Here's our four cats, I thought I'd take the opportunity to get a photo of them together, they usually aren't together as the girls really don't get along.This is our bag we take to Ramsey to feed the birds, Ken also has a big container of seed in the car. I make up the hummingbird water, Ken makes up suet that's what is in the peanut butter container, he mixes up lard, peanut butter, corn meal, oatmeal, and bird seed then he spreads it around on the tree branches etc.
Here's Ken and some bird watchers at the area in Ramsey Park where we feed the birds.

This is the main feeder in the area, there also is a little pond, two hummingbird feeders and Ken has put up one of his drilled out logs which he puts his suet in. I share my morning grapefruit with the birds, I eat half they get the other half.

We go in to feed them almost every day, Ramsey Park is in Harlingen.
Thursday we went to Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge, Ken had some hawk booklets that the Missouri Conservationist puts out to give to the leader of the Hawk Watch. The Hawk Watch begins the 15th of this month, we will help with the watch again this year for a couple of days.
We walked around a bit too, didn't see too many birds.
Cloudy today, Ken is working on his taxes, I'm watching the red wing blackbirds at our feeder occasionally another bird will show up. He expects to get his new computer next week that will be nice he has alot photos to download and photoshop.

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Cherylsue said...

Well, I finally put an entry on my blog. I seem to be busy all the time with all these projects. I have got the house all cleaned up for Kathy Jill's visit next week. Mother is busy all week with people taking her to lunch or dinner for her 97th. Looks like you all are keeping busy too. Missed you at Red Hats in Parkville.