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Monday, September 24, 2012

Two weeks in PA

 We stayed just outside Lancaster, PA where there is a large Amish community.
Our RV park was nestled between a couple of farms and the road passing by was busy with Amish buggies and children walking to school.
 A favorite view taken at Gettysburg Nat'l Historic Site.
  A favorite view taken at Hopewell Furnace Nat'l Historic Site.
We also picked a few apples here, the park was having apple picking $1 for 1 lb.
 A common site around Lancaster, this was taken at the Costco parking lot, Walmart had them too.
 One of the venders at Green Dragon Farm Market,  the red velvet ones are good.
This photo was taken from the back of our rv park, we watched them harvest almost every day, and listened to the cows, roasters and goats every morning.
PA has no tax on clothing or groceries which makes it a popular state for retirees.
We spent one day in Philadelphia going though Independence Hall, and walking around the historic area.
We spent one day having the brakes on our car fixed, coming back and finding a rear tire on RV flat so had to have that fixed and a week later found a screw in our car tire so had it fixed.
I didn't have internet connection at our site and my computer doesn't like the ATT  dongle anymore so it is nice to be online again here in Virginia.

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