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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Taking time for the birds

 We have been busy around here, Ken's got the tile down in the bathroom and almost has the new flooring down in the bedroom.  I cleaned up the gardens and most of the RV, but we have taken some time to do a little birding.
The Catbird above is one of our visitors to our feeders.  It's was nice to see most of our regulars are back, we have a couple of Black capped Chickadees, Baltimore Oriole, Ruby throated Hummingbird, Downy Woodpecker, Robins, Morning Doves, Cardinals and of course the grackles, starlings and house sparrows.
 We went over to Watkins State Park for a look and I got a nice photo of this Indigo Bunting who was singing away up by the old school. 
We saw several Brown Thrashers, Eastern Kingbird, Bluebirds and Thrushes not sure which ones.
We are going with the Backyard Bird people tomorrow over to Westin Bend State Park to do a little birding.  It's to be a grey day, maybe some rain but it'll be nice to get out and maybe see a bird or two.
Have a Happy Mother's Day
and have a 
great week.

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