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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Some favorites from the end of April

 April sure went by fast and it is time for us to start thinking of heading north.
Here are some of my favorite photos from this week.
Above is morning light on the mountains we see from our RV.
 I thought this group of boulders looked like a person praying.  It's taken up at Mt. Lemon.
 This Painted Redstart is one of the birds that SE Arizona is famous for.
 We went to watch the hummingbird banding again Sat. afternoon and this time I got to release one of the tiny birds.  This isn't me, Ken took some photos of my release and I haven't seen them yet.
My little bird turned out to be a special little lady, a Black Chin Hummingbird as they all were Sat., she was missing 6 tail feathers so she survived an attack from some predator. She was  9 years old, the average life of a hummer is 5 years, they have had one 10 years. She didn't stay in my hand very long as soon as the handler let go she was gone sometimes they will sit for a few minutes.
 We saw our first Arizona Sister Butterfly today, isn't she beautiful.
I've been wanting to get a photo of Arizona's state butterfly the Two tailed Swallow but they never lite on anything.  They even tease me by flying around my head. 
 We saw the trogans again and here is the female Elegant Trogan not as colorful as her mate.
How's this for a proud boy, they are a different specie of turkey then the ones back home believe it is a Gould Turkey.
I have been keeping track of the number of  bird species we see in AZ and so far we have seen 204 species and 50 of those species are from SE AZ.   We have been able to add 26 new birds to our life list and we still have another day or so in AZ. 
Hope everyone had a great week. 

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