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Friday, November 7, 2008

Cataract Falls

We are still looking at bridges, today is our last day as we are heading to Decatur tomorrow. We didn't get much rain yesterday but it is getting colder. We checked out Cataract Falls today, they too were flooded in June. It's not a tall falls but there is a lower and higher falls and it is a pretty area. We then took the car to Wal Mart here in Crawfordville and had the oil changed. It takes synthetic oil, which I didn't know when I bought it, and of course it costs more.
Next report from Decatur, IN and the Fleetwood Manufacturing Plant.

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Cherylsue said...

That is the biggest falls in IN! The trees are really colorful there. It is really getting cold here too. Winter can't be far off, I think. Happy touring!